What did you think of Amphibian Diaries?


Gary R. Habermas

Distinguished Prof & Chair, Dept of Philosophy, Liberty University

“Nearly everyone enjoys a good story from time to time. John Hansel has woven a fable that reads like a cross between a time-honored fairy tale and Socrates. Hansel’s enjoyable legend inAmphibian Diariesincludes a series of themes or punch lines that leave the reader with truth-seeking insights. In the role of Socrates is a wise, talking frog that teaches these life lessons. All told, it’s a lovely way to communicate a meaningful fable.”


Kenneth Boa

Author of Face to Face, Praying the Scriptures for Worship, and Conformed to His Image, Founder Reflections Ministries

“John Hansel is a wonderfully whimsical person, and hisAmphibian Diariesis a creative expression of imagination and ingenuity that makes the fundamental issues of life accessible and understandable. The very concept of a green amphibious sage is a hoot, and through this and other devices, Hansel effectively conveys the transformative truths of new life in an indirect and winsome manner.”


Kelly Monroe-Kullberg

Author of Finding God at Harvard; Founder of The Veritas Forum

Amphibian Diariesis a Mark-Twainian adventure in which a wise, little, green friend carefully guides us on a journey of delight and discovery, raising questions that yield truest life. This is the book you want to hand your searching friends. The author, John Hansel, is a kind, fun, and creative truth-champion, artist and speaker.”

Chris Spielman

Chris Spielman

NFL All-Pro Linebacker, and author of That’s Why I’m Here

“This book takes a very complex issue and breaks it down to the facts. It invites us to answer Spiritual Questions that millions of people have pondered over the years. I enjoyed the author’s challenge to religious claims and getting people to think about their ultimate choice about God—a gift all can have free of charge.”


Bill Willits

Pastor/Author, North Point Church, Atlanta Georgia

“In vintage Hansel style, Amphibian Diaries was creative and engaging with a lot of purposeful insight.”

John Schuman

John Schuman

Partner-Budros, Ruhlin & Roe

“Go Green! Find someone you care about, then take and make the unavoidable and inevitable LifeBet!”

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt, Owner, Principle, Schmidt’s Hospitality Concepts

“Share the principles in this book with a friend and lets see how far the Good News will go!”


Thomas Driehorst

U.S. Air Force, Retired

Amphibian Diaries show’s Hansel’s vivid imagination as he spins a tale about the Good Life. Connecting the Truth of Life with the Love of the Truth, this easily relatable read entertains but more importantly leaves you thinking about where you are in Life. Who knew a talking frog could be so wise?

Bruce Savage 101818

Bruce Savage

Geologist, Director at Geotechnical Consultants

“I truly enjoyed reading John Hansel's book and seeing his unique approach to addressing the biggest question all people wonder about. Using humor and wonder, the author makes his message plain. This is a great book for introducing God to a seeker, and for believers who enjoy a good read.”

Pat Geno

Pat Gano

Author of The Language of Heaven

“Amphibian Diaries is a very clever way to draw people into intimacy with God. This story drew me in to want more, and I think you will feel the same way. Enjoy !”

Susie Hansel 101818

Susie Hansel

Wife of John Hansel, Jr; Artist, Proprietor, Potsabilities Design

“I am John’s wife, so I may be biased, but I love the creative and humorous twist of talking to a frog about bigger than life questions! There are fun stories coupled with thought provoking issues. An easy read, and one to share!”


Joe Nelson

I worked through the text expecting that I knew where it was going. Though certain that I did not see/learn all there was, the story and message was well laid out and logical. A Seeker could follow this on their journey to discover Truth. Then for me, the cool thing happened. This is not just a manual/road map for a Seeker. It is also a guide for one to walk with a Seeker.


Ken Klingenberg

“Quick read, thought provoking answers from outside the box. Grab a copy.”