Ideas for Discussion

Identify Subjects You’d Like to Discuss

1.     Amphibian Appraisal– What are your thoughts regarding the “code” of 6 principles for truth-seeking? Would you like to discuss an issue you may have with any of them? These are foundational to a relevant and reasonable conversation of God and Life. Now’s the time to talk about any lack of understanding or misgivings you have with this material. 
2.     Frogs, Faith, & Fear– On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest degree of apprehension—how reluctant are you to talk about God and Life issues in the spiritual sense? Why?
3.     Cosmic Confessions– Have there been times when you thought about spiritual things such as God, and Heaven, or even Hell? If so, what prompted those thoughts? What was your line of thinking? What, if anything, did you resolve or decide? How has your life changed since then? 
4.     Blockbusters– What’s keeping you from believing in God right now? What issues/experiences/blocks, etc. stand between you and that possibility? If any or all of these issues/experiences/blocks could be dealt with, would that change your thinking about trusting in God?
5.     Bad Juju– Most of us have had a bad experience with someone representing God that makes us reluctant to trust God. We reason, “If God is like the representative, then why should I want to know God?” How does this kind of thing affect your experience of faith? How can you imagine getting past negative encounters with hypocritical, religious people?
6.     Streets of Gold– If there is a Heaven, what do you think it is like? What is Heaven’s origin, or how did it get there? Where is it? Why is there a Heaven? Why isn’t this life Heaven? Ask the same questions regarding Hell. 
7.     A Close Call– Have you ever had a “close brush with death”?  Have you thought about what would have happened to you if you died? Where would you be right now? What would you be doing? What makes you think so? How sure are you?

8.     Between Here & There– Imagine a knowing God is a real thing. How near are you to that potential? Circle your place on the line. Why put yourself at that place on the line? Brainstorm: What are all the things that get in the way of your ability to move up the line of faith? List the issues and questions, and talk about them.
9.     A Golden Ticket– If there is a Heaven, everyone wants to think they are going There when they die. What about you? What makes you think you’re in, or out? How would you respond if God were to stop you at the gate and ask, “Why should I allow you into Heaven?” 
10.     Story Time– If you are a believer in God, how did you come to this? What led you to “believe”? Do you think of yourself as one who has a personal relationship with God? How so?